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Exterior Detailing in San Antonio, TX

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Professional Detailing
Professional detailing is typically provided as two main services in one. Exterior and Interior Detailing require different chemicals, washing styles, and techniques that are only understood by detailing professionals. Detailing is far superior to a car wash and is a full-service option to ensure that your entire vehicle is detailed properly.

Do I Need Professional Detailing?
Detailing undeniably extends the lifespan and quality of your vehicle. We remove contaminations that can result in long term damage to your car’s vinyl, paint,  pr chrome. Detailing also maintains the condition of your paint as we utilize non-abrasive and streak-free washing methods to ensure that every vehicle we detail leaves with the same shine as when it left the dealership! We also offer more comprehensive services beyond our standard offerings. We will work with you and your detailing needs to make sure you leave happy.

Exterior Car Detailing in San Antonio, TX
Our standard exterior wash will leave your car sparkling through the use of numerous techniques that target specific cosmetic issues.

Washing and Drying - Our first step is always to thoroughly wash, scrub, and dry your car to remove any surface debris and dirt.
Claying - A clay bar can be used to remove impurities should as residue or overspray that is impossible to remove with traditional methods.
Polishing - We restore every vehicle’s original gloss and shine through our expert polishing tools and techniques.
Sealing - To give the car a glossy shine we can use a sealant or wax as a final coat over your exterior detailing to ensure its longevity.

Comprehensive Detailing Services
Some of our other services include but are not limited to headlight polishing, glass ship repair, paint touch up and more, just ask one of our expert technicians! Diamond Detailing provides the best detailing in San Antonio, TX so contact us today or visit us to gt your vehicle professional cleaned and detailed!

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