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High Quality Paint Protection

Diamond Detailing has an excellent car paint protection coating that is durable as a diamond and just as long-lasting.


What is a
Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or PPF for short, is a thick transparent plastic sheet that we apply on vehicles to protect the paint. It is strong, flexible, and quite resistant to deterioration caused by UV light. Once applied to a vehicle, it acts like a layer of armor that protects a car’s paint from small scratches, minor dents, chipping, and chemical corrosion. It is one of the best types of car paint protection coating available on the market.

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How Does PPF in San Antonio Work?

Paint Protection Film is an easy-to-use material with many different layers. Each of these layers functions differently in regards to protecting a vehicle’s paint.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film in San Antonio

PPF in San Antonio offers the following advantages:

Keep Your Vehicle Protected

Check out these examples of vehicles we've applied our paint protection film to in San Antonio.


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